Employment Verification Services

QuickConfirm has been delivering superior employment verification services almost two decades and counting. We provide employment and salary verification services to employers and their employees across the nation.

If you're wondering how to verify employment quickly and easily, QuickConfirm's employment verification process takes less than two minutes to yield actionable insights and information. And with all the time you save, you'll know you made the right decision by using the best employment verification service available.

With the power of automation and QuickConfirm's online employment verification service, you'll be able to confirm employment and verify salary in just a few simple clicks. If you run into any issues, our live customer service representatives are ready to help on business days between the hours of 8am ET and 8pm ET with timely, same-day assistance and support.

Eliminate interruptions caused by requests for employment verifications so you can get back to mission critical tasks. Better yet, our service allows you to create custom reports to fit your precise need, helping to save even more time on the back end.

At QuickConfirm we:

  • Support client's HR/Payroll departments and employees
  • Strive to eliminate all interruptions with easy-to-use employment verification services
  • Provide official letters of employment
  • Have a dedicated US based service team
  • Develop customized reporting to fit our client's needs, which includes (but are not limited to) verifications, usage, new hires and more
  • Support 200 languages
  • Serve the entire nation
  • FCRA, PCI, and HIPAA compliant
  • Never sell data and do not allow blind database searches

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