Secure, fast, and accurate salary history information is just a click away.

With QuickConfirm our client’s employees can view their salary history data, at no cost, as often as they wish.

The importance of salary history

Having accurate salary history data is important for many reasons, some are listed below:

  • For employment decisions, where it may be appropriate to include salary history on a resume
  • For background checks
  • When going for a loan, mortgage, a re-fi, and government support, such as SNAP, Social Security, or Medicare.

Inaccurate salary history information can cause you not to get the assistance you are seeking. It’s important to ensure that your information is accurate. Make sure your demographic information is accurate and up to date and your employment history reflects your experience.

Accurate information helps you to present yourself in the best possible position.

QuickConfirm’s Salary History service includes the following based on each employees’ specific earnings codes:

  • current and 3 prior years of salary history:
  • client-driven data catered to their needs, including detailed reports on:
    • gross wages
    • base salary
    • Overtime
    • Bonus
    • Commissions
    • Any other pay categories employers might have

With QuickConfirm’s salary history feature, no one can view your salary information without you authorizing it. To make information easy to share, employees can enable a third-party to review their salary history data by creating an authorization code on the QuickConfirm website. Click here to view video

Why QuickConfirm?

  • QuickConfirm allows employees to review their salary history as often as they want to, at no cost
  • QuickConfirm’s salary history data is provided by our client employers regularly through secure trusted electronic technology. You can depend on it being up-to-date and accurate
  • QuickConfirm takes numerous measures to protect your employment and salary history data and your privacy
  • QuickConfirm delivers salary history results online within one to two minutes from when the request is made
  • On the run - QuickConfirm can be accessed by any device – PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone from any popular browser
  • Our friendly and knowledgeable service reps will work hard to assist you. You can reach a live customer service representative on all business days
  • We strive to answer all calls and emails on the same day
  • Language is never a barrier. At QuickConfirm we support 200 languages
  • We're here to help

Contact our support team at or contact us at 631-651-8730 or 888-505-6745. Where here to help business days from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM ET

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