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QuickConfirm is a woman-owned enterprise, and more than fifty percent of our workforce are women. QuickConfirm has been providing employment and salary verifications since 2004. We serve employers across the United States in all industries with a US-Based Customer Service team who will provide timely, same-day assistance and support. We are known for our customer care by treating each client and their employees like we would a family member.

QuickConfirm.com is a leading employment and salary verification service provider offering secure, state of the art solutions for verifiers, social service agencies, employees, and employers.

In addition to secure employment and salary verifications, QuickConfirm provides Immigration Letters/Official Letters of Employment, and Unemployment Insurance and Unemployment Claims services, I9 processing, and electronic W2s. QuickConfirm partners with providers of services that extend and enhance our offerings and bring well rounded, professional services to our clients.

QuickConfirm has been providing verification services for nearly two decades. In that time, we have worked continuously to provide secure, reliable, and accurate fulfillment of all requests.

QuickConfirm does not permit blind searches of our database and never distributes or sells any data. The data belongs to our clients and their employees and is always managed with their privacy and security in mind.

How Secure is QuickConfirm?

We take security very seriously. QuickConfirm provides the highest form of security on multiple levels.

4096-Bit SSL Encryption

Information captured by QuickConfirm is encrypted using the full 4096-bit SSL, known as Secure Socket Layer encryption technology. Our web servers' software is kept up to date with the latest stable releases, service packs, and security patches. 4096-bit encryption provides a very high-level method of securing data on the Internet.

Internal Systems Encryption

QuickConfirm employs multiple levels of encryption with multiple encryption algorithms on and between internal systems to ensure your data is kept secure and inaccessible to unauthorized users. Click on the Security link above for more details.

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