Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of services does QuickConfirm offer?
QuickConfirm offers three distinct types of services for three distinct types of visitors:

VERIFIERS who want to verify someone's employment and salary information. A verifier refers to any organization such as a bank, lending institution, social service agency or a prospective employer, seeking to verify employment or income of someone who is working or has worked for a company that is a registered member of our network.
EMPLOYEES You are a present or past employee of a QuickConfirm client. Using QuickConfirm enables you to view your personal information or authorize a salary verification for a third party verifier.
EMPLOYERS looking to automate and reduce the time devoted to processing and answering employment and salary requests.

2. How much does QuickConfirm cost?
There is no charge for employers to join our network. Likewise, there is no charge for employees who work for companies of these employers to release their information.
Verifiers are charged for verifications based on the type of account they establish.

3. What information must a verifier have in order to verify employment and salary for an employee? In order to access employment information, the verifier must provide the employee's Company Code and Social Security Number.

To access employment plus salary information, the verifier must not only provide the employee's Company Code and Social Security Number, but the one-time Salary Authorization Number as well. It is the employee's responsibility to provide the verifier with a Salary Authorization Number in order to enable the verifier to access his/her salary information.

4. How secure is QuickConfirm?
The security of your personal information is of paramount importance. QuickConfirm maintains strict standards to prevent unauthorized access. Take a look at the security features for QuickConfirm.

5. What are the minimum requirements for running the QuickConfirm application?
The minimum requirements for running QuickConfirm are as follows.

  • A JavaScript enabled browser.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 5 or higher, Chrome, Firefox 2.0 or higher
    Netscape, version 6.2 or higher, and Safari.
  • Internet Access through a cable modem, or network connection.
  • This site does not use Cookies to collect personal information. However, for verifiers using Credit Card please note that QuickConfirm uses Authorize.Net and a Cookie-enabled browser is required.

6. How do I contact QuickConfirm?

For Sales & Support
Phone: 1 888 505 6745
Fax:     1 877 274 9678