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Employment & Salary Verifications

Need to know how to process verification of employment or verification of salary?

QuickConfirm enables organizations to automate the process of verifying an employee's job and salary history. It also allows employees to easily and securely release their employment and salary history to third-party verifiers. QuickConfirm.com empowers third-party verifiers to quickly verify employment and salary information.

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Employment & Salary Verifications

QuickConfirm enables organizations to automate the process of verifying an employee's work and salary history.

Employers save valuable time and resources empowering authorized verifiers with access to verify employment and salary for their employees.

Employment & Salary Verifications are provided at no cost to the employers or their employees.

Each employee can login and create a distinct authorization number that enables verifiers one-time access to verify salary information.

Employment History

Storing current and previous employee records and salary information is made simple for employers through QuickConfirm.

Social Services Verifications

QuickConfirm processes social service verifications at no cost to the agency or the employer. We value the agency in need of our services and want to help.

Immigration/Official Letters of Employment

An employer may provide an immigration/Official Letter of Employment format to QuickConfirm. For agencies that require an official verification of employment or salary on company letterhead, QuickConfirm will process these requests at no cost to the employer or their employee.

W2 Current & W2 History

As an optional service, we can provide current W2 and W2 history of your employees in our secure database.

Quick Implementation

Find out how quick our implementation process can be today. We work with your team to walk you through the requirements needed to utilize QuickConfirm's automated service and to ensure a fast accurate process.

Ask to speak to our implementation coordinator to find out how simple our process is.

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