Signing Up As A Verifier

Quick Confirm provides two payment plans for Verifiers to choose from. Please select your payment plan from three options presented below.
Social Services Agencies should contact the Quick Confirm Support number provided and ask to speak to a representative.
For any questions, email us at or give us a call at 1 888 505 6745 from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. EST, Monday - Friday.

Certain states require the collection of sales tax. If you are located in a one if these states, sales tax will be added to the cost of the verification.

Quick Pay Credit Card Options
1. Payment Form: Credit Card "Pay as you Go"

Allows the Verifier to pay for each transaction on a pay per transaction basis via a Major Credit Card. Verifiers can access employment and salary
information immediately after filling out the online registration form. To open a Pay as you Go credit card account click on the "Setup Credit Card" button bellow.

$27.00 per employment verification.
$27.00 per employment and income verification.
$27.00 per employment, income and salary history verification.
2. Payment Form: Prepay

Allows the Verifier to Prepay for future verifications via a Major Credit Card.
To open a prepaid account, please click the button below and determine what prepaid amount you wish to purchase, it’s up to you!
Purchased Value Incentive
up to $134     0%
between $135 and $270     2%
between $271 and $459     4%
between $460 and $675     7%
between $675 and $1000000000     10%

Invoice Option
3. Payment Form: Invoice Only

To open an invoice account, please click the button below to fill out invoice form. An invoice account is charged a $250.00 annual fee. Monthly billing rates are less than those for credit card users. The higher the volume, the lower the transaction rate.